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Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3 GHz FSB 1333MHz Desktop Processor

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3 GHz FSB 1333MHz Desktop Processor

Availability:  This product is no longer for sale!

Doing More with Intel Quad-Core

Intel Core 2 Quad Inside The Intel Core 2 Quad processor is the latest in cutting-edge processor technology for the desktop PC. Based on the new Intel Core micro-architecture, the Intel Core 2 Quad processor delivers four complete execution cores within a single processor, delivering unprecedented performance and responsiveness in multi-threaded and multi-tasking business and home environments.

The unprecedented performance of the Intel Core 2 Quad processor is made possible by each of the four complete execution cores delivering the full power of Intel Core microarchitecture. More instructions can be carried out per clock cycle, shorter and wider pipelines execute commands more quickly, and improved bus lanes move data throughout the system faster. This quad-core processor represents Intel's continued leadership and drive of multi-core processing and more parallel computing.

The latest versions, built on Intel's 45nm manufacturing technology, take these benefits to a whole new level. This new technology uses hafnium-infused Hi-k transistors, enabling even more processor performance by doubling the transistor density, improving efficiency and speed relative to the previous generation, and increasing cache size by up to 50 percent. These new Intel Core 2 Quad processors deliver even more performance without using more energy.

The Intel Core 2 Quad processor is at the centre of today's most interactive and content-rich software experiences. The evolving set of threaded multimedia applications, including digital content creation, will shine as users are able to complete tasks faster. Game play can achieve even greater visualisation and realism as tasks such as artificial intelligence (AI), physics, and rendering can be distributed across each of the four complete execution cores and run in parallel.

Multi-tasking environments can be expanded like never before. Users can stream high-definition content while playing a high-frame-rate game, or run multiple complex data bases while developing professional content and running virus protection software in the background. The Intel Core 2 Quad processor is a powerful new tool for today, with the ability to grow and expand tomorrow.

Key Features

  • Quad-Core Processor
    Provides four complete execution cores in a single processor with up to 12 MB of L2 cache and up to a 1333 MHz Front Side Bus. Four dedicated, physical threads help operating systems and applications deliver additional performance, so end users can experience better multi-tasking and multi-threaded performance across many types of applications and work loads.
  • Wide Dynamic Execution
    Improves execution speed and efficiency, delivering more instructions per clock cycle. Each of the four cores can complete up to four full instructions simultaneously.
  • Smart Memory Access
    Optimises the use of the data bandwidth from the memory subsystem to accelerate out-of-order execution. A newly designed prediction mechanism reduces the time in-flight instructions have to wait for data. New pre-fetch algorithms move data from system memory into fast L2 cache in advance of execution. These functions keep the pipeline full, improving instruction throughput and performance. 45nm versions further improve this feature, with more efficient methods of loading and storing data in main memory.
  • Advanced Smart Cache
    Provides shared level 2 cache across each pair of cores that can be dynamically allocated to each processor core, within the pair, based on workload. This efficient implementation increases the probability that each core within the pair can access data from fast L2 cache, significantly reducing latency to frequently used data and improving performance.
  • Advanced Digital Media Boost
    Accelerates the execution of Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE) instructions to significantly improve the encryption, financial, engineering, and scientific applications. The 128-bit SSE instructions are now issued at a throughput rate of one per clock cycle effectively doubling their speed of execution on a per clock basis over previous generation processors. 45nm versions include a new Super Shuffle Engine, which improves existing SSE instructions while enabling significant gains on the latest SSE4 instruction set. SSE4-optimised applications, such as video editing and encoding in high-definition resolution, will see additional performance improvements.
  • Virtualisation Technology
    Allows one hardware platform to function as multiple "virtual" platforms. Intel VT improves manageability, limiting down-time and maintaining worker productivity by isolating computing activities into separate partitions.
  • Intel 64 Architecture
    Allows the processor to access larger amounts of memory. With appropriate 64-bit hardware and software, platforms based on an Intel processor supporting Intel 64 architecture can allow the use of extended virtual and physical memory.
  • Execute Disable Bit
    Provides extended virus defence when deployed with a supported operating system. Memory can be marked as executable or non-executable, allowing the processor to raise an error to the operating system if malicious code attempts to run in non-executable memory. This can prevent the code from infecting the system.
  • Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS)
    Provides for more efficient processor and platform thermal control improving system acoustics. The DTS continuously measures the temperature at each processing core. The ability to continuously measure and detect variations in processor temperature enables system fans to spin only as fast as needed to cool the system. The combination of these technologies can result in significantly lower noise emissions from the PC.
  • Designed Thermal Solution
    Includes a 4-pin connector for fan speed control to help minimise the acoustic noise levels generated from running the fan at higher speeds for thermal performance. Fan speed control technology is based on actual CPU temperature and power usage.

    CPU Speed 3 GHz
    Bus Speed 1333 MHz
    Bus/Core Ratio 9
    L2 Cache Size 12 MB
    L2 Cache Speed 3 GHz
    Package Type LGA 775
    Manufacturing Technology 45 nm
    Core Stepping E0
    CPUID String 1067Ah
    Thermal Design Power 95W
    Thermal Specification 71.4oC
    Core Voltage 0.85V-1.3625V
    Warranty 3 years Manufacturers Warranty.
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