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Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83 GHz Mobile Processor

Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83 GHz Mobile Processor

Availability:  This product is no longer for sale!

Next Leap in Microprocessor Architecture

Intel Core Duo Inside Intel Core Duo processor breaks new ground. Its dual-core technology rewrites the rules of computing, delivering optimised power efficient computing and breakthrough dual-core performance with amazingly low power consumption. Intel Core Duo processor is at the heart of Intel's premium desktop and notebook platforms: Intel Viiv Technology and Intel Centrino Duo mobile technology, respectively.

Demand for greater power efficiency in computer platforms is on the rise across all client segments and form factors. The Intel Core Duo processor balances great dual-core computing capabilities with power savings that enable extended battery life in notebooks. Its enhanced voltage efficiency supports cooler and quieter desktop-type systems. Traditional mobile and desktop processors limit system design options. Users find they must compromise in areas such as cooling fan noise, battery life, performance and capabilities. With Intel Core Duo processors, the world's most innovative PC manufacturers can drive a new generation in computer product designs that meet end customer needs more effectively.

The Intel Core Duo processor includes two mobile-optimised execution cores in a single processor. This design enables execution of parallel threads or applications on separate cores with dedicated CPU resources. The results enable outstanding dual-core performance and greater system response when running multi-threaded or multiple demanding applications simultaneously.

The Intel Core Duo processor features a high-performance core architecture that uses micro-op fusion and Advanced Stack Management techniques to maximise performance while optimising power efficiencies. Micro-op fusion combines micro-ops derived from the same macro-op. Advanced Stack Management reduces the number of micro-ops in stack related operations by tracking relative stack pointer changes locally. Reducing the number of micro-ops results in more efficient scheduling for better performance at lower power.

Key Features

  • Intel Smart Cache - 2MB L2 cache with Advanced Transfer Cache Architecture
    Delivers a smarter and more efficient cache and bus design to enable enhanced dual-core performance and power savings.
  • Intel Digital Media Boost
    Micro-architectural enhancements that include instruction optimisations and performance enhancements accelerate a diverse variety of processing-intensive tasks, such as audio/video processing, image processing, 3D graphics, and scientific calculations.
  • Intel Dynamic Power Coordination with Dynamic Bus Parking
    Dual-core on demand, coordinated performance with enhanced low power management features Dynamic Bus Parking. This enables platform power savings by allowing the chipset to power down with the processor in these low-frequency mode states.
  • Enhanced Intel Deeper Sleep with Dynamic Cache Sizing
    Allows the processor to lower voltage below the Deeper Sleep minimum voltage to enable enhanced power savings. Dynamic Cache Sizing is a new power savings mechanism that enables the Intel Smart Cache to dynamically flush system memory based on demand or during periods of inactivity.
  • Intel Advanced Thermal Manager
    A new thermal management system delivers enhanced accuracy and more precise acoustic control to enable quieter, cooler, thinner system designs.
  • Power-optimised 667 MHz System Bus
    utilises Source-Synchronous Transfer (SST) of address and data enables improved performance by transferring data at 4X bus clock. Advanced Gunning Transceiver Logic (AGTL+) signalling technology, a variant of GTL+ signalling technology, delivering low power enhancements.
  • Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology Support
    Multiple performance modes enable optimum performance at the lowest power, using real-time dynamic switching of the voltage and frequency between multiple performance modes based on CPU demand.
  • New Intel 65nm Process Technology
    Smaller transistors enable more logic and more frequency headroom for increased performance.

    CPU Speed 1.83 GHz
    Bus Speed 667 MHz
    Bus/Core Ratio 11
    L2 Cache Size 2 MB
    L2 Cache Speed 1.83 GHz
    Package Type 478 pin
    Manufacturing Technology 65 nm
    Core Stepping C0
    CPUID String 0X6E8
    Thermal Design Power 31W
    Thermal Specification 100oC
    Core Voltage 1.25V-1.4V
    Warranty 3 years Manufacturers Warranty.
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