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mControl Automation Software for Media Centre

mControl Automation Software for Media Centre

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mControl v1.60 (Home Edition)

mControl is a Windows software package that allows for total home control from your Home Theatre PC or any other display unit with a browser. Routine operations that follow a pattern or preference can be scheduled to occur without having to manually adjust or trigger them - offering convenience and savings.

mControl can automate devices including lights & appliances, gas fireplaces, sprinkler systems, HVAC systems, security cameras, IR devices spa pumps. mControl has been designed with a stylish Windows Media Centre interface and also operates on Windows 2000, XP Home and XP Pro. You can also control the software via a browser over your home network.

mControl will need X10 hardware to operate lights and appliances. It interfaces directly with the X10 Programmable Computer Interface (CM12) which it uses to control other X10 Modules, such as Lamp and Appliance Modules.

Key Features

  • It's easy to use. mControl is designed as a Media Centre application so that it can be operated with a remote control.
  • It's convenient. mControl not only runs on Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre 2005 but it can also be accessed using a browser over the internet
  • It's easy on your wallet. mControl has been designed to work with off-the-shelf components so that no expensive and/or complicated back-end equipment is required.
  • It's flexible. mControl supports both the INSTEON and X10 protocols allowing both systems to be used as your systems evolves. mControl's unique architecture also provides the ability to place the home automation adapters on your PC of choice so that you keep any clutter around the Living Room PC to a minimum.
  • It's expandable. mControl can be used to control a couple of switches/devices or it can be expanded to control every switch and outlet both inside and outside of a home.
  • It's all you need. There is no need to learn additional software packages. From with in mControl every element of home automation can be set and adjusted.

System Requirements mControl Automation Service:
- Supported operating systems:
     Windows 2000,
     Windows XP Home Edition,
     Windows XP Professional,
     Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005
- Requires: Microsoft. NET framework version 1.1 (or higher)

mControl UI Client:
- Windows XP Media Centre Edition (MCE) 2005 [incl. Rollup 2]
- Internet Explorer version 6 (or higher)
Video Interface - Supports standard TV, HDTV, or computer monitors
- Optimal screen size: 1024 x 768
Input Interface - Full support of MCE (or equivalent) remote control
- Full support of standard mouse & keyboard
Media Centre Extender Support - Xbox 360
- Xbox Media Centre Extender
- HP x5400 Media Centre Extender
- Linksys Media Centre Extender (Model WMCE54G)
Camera Support - D-Link DCS-900, DCS-900W
- D-Link 2100+
- D-Link 5300W
IR Support - Global Cache Network IR Adapters
- Support for raw Component Control Files (CCF)
HVAC Support - RCS TXB16 (X10) Thermostat
- RCS TZ16 (Z-Wave) Thermostat
Zone Support Ability to create zones for organising devices:
- Can contain one or many devices
- Display order of zones and devices can be customised
Macro Support Ability to create multi-command functions. Macro triggers include:
- Manual - initiated by user
- Device - initiated by a sensor or remote X10 device state change
- Time - initiated on a pre-defined time of day
- Day - define which days the macro is active
- Sunset/Sunrise - initiated by sunset/sunrise
Configuration - Device data XML file allows for:
      - Custom device images,
      - Custom device descriptions,
      - Add/Remove devices
INSTEON Protocol Support for INSTEON adapters, including:
- 2414U PowerLinc (USB)

Support for most INSTEON devices, including:
- 2476D - SwitchLinc V2 Dimmer
- 2476S - SwitchLinc V2 Relay
- 2456D3 - LampLinc V2 3-Pin
- 2456S3 - ApplianceLinc V2 3-Pin
- 2486D - KeypadLinc V2
- 2876DB - ICON SwitchLinc
- 2876SB - ICON SwitchLinc
- 2856DxB - ICON Lamp Dimmer
- 2856SxB - ICON Appliance Module

Compatible with most INSTEON transceivers, sensors and remotes, including:
- 2430 - ControLinc
- 2442 - SignaLinc RF
Z-Wave Protocol Support for Z-Wave adapters, including:
- HomePro Computer Interface ZCU000 (USB) by ACT

Support for most Z-Wave devices, including:
- Multi-Level Switches, including:
    - Intermatic HA03: Plug-in Lamp Module
    - Intermatic HA06: In-Wall Switch/Dimmer
- Binary Switches, including:
    - Intermatic HA01: In-Wall Receptacle
    - Intermatic HA02: Plug-in Appliance Module
    - Intermatic HA04: Outdoor Lighting Module
- Thermostats, including:
    - RCS TZ16 Thermostat

Compatible with most Z-Wave remotes, including:
- Intermatic HA07: Master Remote Control
- Intermatic HA09: Handy Remote Control
X10 Protocol Support for most X10 adapters, including:
- CM11A Adapter (Serial)
- CM11 Adapter (Serial)
- CM12 Controller (Serial)
- CM17A "Firecracker" Adapter (Serial)
- CM15A "ActiveHome" (USB)

Support for most X10 modules, including:
- AD10 - Din Rail Mounted Appliance Module
- AM12U - Plug-in Appliance Module
- AM466 - Appliance module
- LD11 - Din Rail Mounted Lamp Module
- LM12U - Plug-in Lamp Module
- LM14A - 2-Way Lamp Module
- LM15 - Screw-in Lamp Module
- LM465 - Lamp module
- PAM21 - 2-Way, 2-Pin Appliance Module
- RLM20 - Remote Controlled Lamp Module
- RSC15 - Remote Controlled Chime
- SSR227 - Super Socket Wall Outlet
- W467 - Dimmable Wall Switch
- WS12A - Decorator Dimmer Wall Switch
- WS14A - Decorator Style Companion Wall Switch

Compatible with most X10 transceivers, including:
- RR501 - Transceiver Module
- TM13 - RF Transceiver
- TM751 - RF Transceiver

Compatible with most X10 sensors and remotes, including:
- HR12A - PalmPad Remote Control
- KR19A - Remote Control Module (Keychain)
- KR22A - Remote Control Module
- MS14A - EagleEye Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor
- MS16A - ActiveEye Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor
- RSS18 - Remote Wall Switch
- SS13A - Remote Wall Switch
- SS15A - Remote Wall Switch
- UR73A - Universal Remote with X10
Technical Support - Log files of all automation
- mControl Editor - manage mControl data
- mControl Service Utility - manage mControl operation
- Z-Wave Adapter Utility - configure Z-Wave controllers
- User Manual
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