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Antec TP-650 650W TruePower ATX Power Supply
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Panasonic 64.8cm (26inch) Viera Widescreen LCD HD TV

Panasonic 64.8cm (26inch) Viera Widescreen LCD HD TV

Availability:  This product is no longer for sale!

Continuous Evolution: The VIERA Mission!

This year VIERA has evolved even further, pushing the limits of design and technology, redefining the concepts of performance and value.

Australians love sport, and we love watching it on a big screen. No matter what sport you're a fan of, be it Formula 1, Rugby Union, AFL or soccer, detail in fast moving objects is always important. Panasonic Plasmas do not suffer from the blur or lag that affect some big screens and produce "trails" that take away from the viewing experience. Panasonic Plasma TVs have a virtually instantaneous response time that ensures clear viewing for fast moving action. This means that you can follow your team's performance in the comfort of your home with blur-free images and outstanding picture quality. Viera Plasma - Built for Speed.

In scenes that are deep black, it is the subtle expressions of the actors and the moodiness of the scene that captivate the viewer. VIERA renders each image in clear, sharp detail and with a depth that draws us in to the picture. In movie productions, huge sums of money are spent and meticulous care is taken to make the sets, lighting and other visual elements as compelling as possible. Only a television with the remarkable picture performance of VIERA is able to reproduce these carefully crafted images as the director envisioned them. The same superb performance that allows VIERA to unleash all the emotion and beauty of a movie also makes VIERA the best choice for viewing other types of content.

  • Viera Black Box LCD Technology for Ultimate Picture Quality
  • Advanced LCD AI for Real Black Expression
  • 1,200 : 1 Contrast Ratio
  • New Processor
  • New Driver
  • Active Light Control
  • Contrast Automatic Tracking System
  • HDAVI Control
  • Slim & Compact Design
  • 2 x HDMI Input
Front Back
Side Remote

Key Features

  • Advance LCD AI
    Featuring the Active Light Control and Active Contrast systems, the LCD AI technology improves picture brightness, deepens blacks and increases gradation; enhancing the dynamic range (from black to white peak). For all types of images, this technology also optimally matches the picture-enhancing process to the characteristics of the LCD device. You see rich, natural colours with superior gradation, even in images where blacks tend to appear splotchy on other televisions.

  • Active Contrast - Greater Detail, Depth and Realism
    This circuitry improves detail in both darker and brighter parts of the image, achieving a crisper, clearer picture. Active Contrast detects the input signal brightness level and increases contrast by dynamically extending the output luminance signal. The result is greater detail, depth and realism than ever before.

  • Quick 8msec Motion Picture Response
    Panasonic's original Overdrive System suppresses afterimages and colour shifts, making even fast-action sports scenes clear and easy to view. In the LX60 series, this advanced technology helps achieve a super-fast 8-msec response with moving pictures.

  • Wide variety of connections
    The new LX60 series boasts a wide variety of terminals for connectivity with devices such as Set-Top-Box, DVD-Recorder/Player, Camcorders, Gaming consoles etc.
  • Active Light Control
    Bright scenes are sharper and easier to see. Dark scenes benefit from deeper, crisper blacks. This circuitry automatically detects the input signal brightness level and adjusts the backlight accordingly in real-time. This is a dramatic improvement over conventional LCD TVs, which often suffer from insufficient maximum brightness and a lack of depth due to weak black reproduction. Active Light Control expands the dynamic range to more than 2.0 times the previous range. What's more, C.A.T.S. (Contrast Automatic Tracking System) automatically senses the ambient light conditions and adjusts the screen easier to see by brightening it when the room light is bright, and darkening it when the room light is dark.

  • High Definition Panel - True High Definition Images
    Boasting an HD panel with over a million pixels (1,366 x 768), LX60 Series relays all the detailed beauty of high-definition images. All VIERA LCD models also offer a wide vertical/horizontal viewing angle to provide vivid, beautiful images from virtually any angle.

  • VIERA LINK when connected to Panasonic DVD-Recorders & DVD-Players
    The new LX60 range not only offers stunning picture quality, it also ensures convenience in the form of double HDMI terminals with VIERA LINK(1). The HDMI cable is a single cable that carries both digital video and audio together, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of their LCD without it being surrounded by unsightly cables.

    The VIERA LINK allows communication of control signals when connected to a DVD recorder from the new 2006 range. You can turn on the power for this set up with a single remote control button, and begin playback immediately- a first by Panasonic! VIERA LINK also ensures that the correct HDMI input is selected when you playback a DVD therefore utilising the ultimate picture quality that the digital link can offer.

Screen Size (cm viewable) 66
Screen Size (inches overall) 26
Screen Type LCD
Panel Type PHD LCD Panel
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (Widescreen)
Aspect Ratio Format Switching Yes
Aspect Ratio Control Modes (TV/AV modes) Auto, 16:9, 14:9, Zoom
Comb Filter Yes, 3D Digital
Progressive Scan Yes, 576P@50Hz, 720P@50Hz
TV Tuner Receiving System Multi 17 System
Channel Presets 100
Colour System PAL, NTSC, M-NTSC, PAL 60Hz
Picture In Picture (PIP) Picture and Text
Multi-Window PAT
CATV/Hyperband Tuner Yes
Stereo Yes, NICAM-B/G/I, German (A2)
Horizontal Resolution (pixels) 1366
Vertical Resolution (pixels) 768
Contrast Ratio :1 - (Dark Room) 1200
Moving Picture Response Speed (ms) 8
Picture Adjustment Modes / Film Modes Contrast, Brightness, Colour, Sharpness, Menu Presets (Dynamic, Standard, Cinema), NTSC-Tint, Colour Temperature
Colour Temperature Control Yes, Cool, Standard, Warm
Teletext Yes
Audio Output Power - Total (Watts RMS) 6
Speakers 2
Audio Features Virtual Surround Sound
Auto Timed On/Off Switch Off Only
On Screen Display Languages English
Parental Guidance (Channel Lock and Game Guard) Yes
Remote Control Standard
S-Video Input Yes, 2
Component Video Input Yes, 1
Applicable Component Video Signals 576i @ 50Hz (15.63KHz), 576p @ 50Hz (31.25KHz), 720p @ 50Hz (37.50KHz), 1,080i @ 50Hz (28.125KHz), 480i @ 60Hz (15.73KHz), 480p @ 60Hz (31.47KHz), 720p @ 60Hz (45KHz), 1,080i @ 60Hz (33.75KHz)
HDMI Video/Audio Input Yes, 2
Applicable HDMI Video Signals 576i @ 50Hz (15.63KHz), 576p @ 50Hz (31.25KHz), 720p @ 50Hz (37.50KHz), 1,080i @ 50Hz (28.125KHz), 480i @ 60Hz (15.73KHz), 480p @ 60Hz (31.47KHz), 720p @ 60Hz (45KHz), 1,080i @ 60Hz (33.75KHz)
PC Input No
A/V Input Yes, 2 - Rear
A/V 1: [cluster of 4 terminals], Stereo-in L&R [RCA], Video-in [RCA], S-Video-in [S terminal]
A/V 2: [cluster of 6 terminals], Stereo-in L&R [RCA], Video-in [RCA], Component Video Input [Y, Pb, Pr]
Monitor Out [cluster of 3 terminals], Stereo L&R [RCA], Video (CUBS) [RCA]
Headphone Jack Yes
Max. Horizontal Viewing Angle (degrees) 170
Maximum Power Consumption (watts) 109
Pedestal Stand Supplied as Standard
Warranty 1 year Manufacturers Warranty
Weight (kg) 15
Dimensions (mm) Without Stand 657 (W) x 473 (H) x 128 (D)
Dimensions (mm) With Stand - Width 657 (W) x 525 (H) x 300 (D)
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