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Antec TP-650 650W TruePower ATX Power Supply
Antec TP-650 650W TruePower ATX Power Supply
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What is RSS?
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What is SSL?
RSS Information RSS Information
What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a new technology which can be used to have information sent to you, instead of you having to go look for it. It is a way of keeping up to date without having to visit a web site to find the information yourself. Many Web sites, including ours, offers RSS as a way to have information delivered to you. This is done using either a software reader program that can be downloaded from the internet or by simply using your web browser.

What is XML?

Sometimes a feed is refered to as an XML feed, instead of an RSS feed. Both are identical and refer to the same feed.

What RSS feeds do we supply?

There are currently three feeds that we supply :-
  1. Latest News: a feed that includes the Latest News for our store.
  2. What's New: a feed that includes the new products that have been added to our store for purchase.
  3. Categories: a feed that provides information on additional product categories that are added to our store.
All our feeds are automatically updated and dynamically generated. They will never go stale like many manually generated feeds.

What reader software do I need?

There are many different software reader programs available, however, there is only a few programs that are designed for Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005. We recommend you try OABsoftware's MCE RSS Reader :-

MCE RSS Reader

After you have downloaded and installed the software, start the "MCE RSS Reader Server" software which enables you to read RSS feeds. You do this by clicking on the Windows Start button -> Accessories -> Media Center and then clicking on the icon called "MCE RSS Reader Server". The server icon will then appear in the System tray of the Windows taskbar :-

MCE RSS Reader Server

Simply double click the server icon to display the configuration window of MCE RSS Reader. Use the Feed menu to add/delete/edit RSS feeds :-

Add Feed

The URL's of our feeds are :-

Latest News http://feeds.feedburner.com/com/htpc_news?format=xml
What's New http://feeds.feedburner.com/com/whats_new?format=xml
Categories http://feeds.feedburner.com/com/categories?format=xml

Once you have added all the feeds, sit back, grab your remote control and press the green button to start Media Centre. You will find the MCE RSS Reader program in More Programs. Run the program and you will have access to our RSS Feeds.

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X10 KR22 10 Button Pocket RF Remote Control
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